High Speed Internet

          Gone are the days we spent hours staring at our computer screens, waiting for the dial up connection just to have it disconnect before we could even check our first email. That dreaded AOL voice saying “Goodbye” when you had no intension of leaving. Have no fear, Broadband is here!

          Savecom delivers a fast, constant connection so you don’t have to worry about losing signals or dealing with logging in again and again. We understand that a technical issue regarding internet connection is something no one has time for in today’s busy business world. We are here to make sure you don’t have to. By taking advantage of Savecom’s high speed internet you are able to download and upload more content within a given time, making your time spend online more efficient.


          Fiber-optic networks provide bandwidth to meet the demands of your company’s internet needs using today’s latest technology. Whether it is a combination of copper and fiber or 100% fiber, Savecom provides internet at the speed of light to your door.


          Savecom’s T1 is a reliable internet connection with a Service Level Agreement (SLA). T1 offers 24 channels for voice and data, a great option if your business has multiple devices that need internet connection at once. Have peace of mind that your office flow will go uninterrupted!